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International Maritime Economic History Association


The International Maritime Economic History Association (IMEHA) is an organization dedicated to the study and promotion of maritime economic history on a global scale. Founded in 1986, IMEHA brings together scholars, researchers, and professionals from various disciplines to explore the economic aspects of maritime activities throughout history. By fostering collaboration, organizing conferences, and facilitating research, IMEHA plays a crucial role in advancing our understanding of the maritime economy’s influence on societies worldwide.

Mission and Objectives

IMEHA’s mission is to encourage and facilitate research on maritime economic history and related topics. Its primary objectives include:

1. Promoting Collaboration: IMEHA serves as a platform for scholars and researchers interested in maritime economic history to connect, interact, and collaborate. By bringing together experts from diverse backgrounds, IMEHA creates a network that fosters interdisciplinary research and the exchange of ideas.

2. Organizing Conferences and Workshops: IMEHA regularly organizes conferences, workshops, and symposia on maritime economic history. These gatherings provide a forum for scholars to present their research, share insights, and engage in productive discussions. The conferences also serve as an opportunity for early career researchers to learn from established experts in the field.

3. Facilitating Publication: IMEHA promotes the dissemination of research findings through its association with various academic journals, including the Journal of Maritime Economic History. The association actively encourages its members to submit their work to scholarly outlets and supports the publication process. This ensures that valuable research contributes to the academic discourse and reaches a wider audience.

Activities and Initiatives

IMEHA engages in a range of activities and initiatives to support its members and advance the field of maritime economic history. Some notable examples include:

1. Research Grants: IMEHA provides grants to support research projects in the field of maritime economic history. These grants offer financial assistance to scholars and students, enabling them to undertake in-depth studies and contribute to the body of knowledge.

2. Publications: In addition to its association with academic journals, IMEHA also publishes book series focusing on maritime economic history. These publications serve as valuable resources for researchers and enthusiasts interested in exploring various facets of this field.

3. Online Resources: IMEHA maintains a comprehensive website that serves as a hub of information for those interested in maritime economic history. The website offers access to a wide range of resources, including bibliographies, archives, and databases, providing researchers with essential tools for their work.

Impact and Significance

The study of maritime economic history is vital for understanding the development and interconnectedness of societies across different regions and periods. By shedding light on the economic dimensions of maritime activities, researchers can gain insights into trade patterns, technological advancements, labor markets, and the roles of government and institutions.

IMEHA’s contributions in this field are invaluable. The association’s emphasis on collaboration and the promotion of interdisciplinary research helps bridge the gaps between various disciplines, facilitating a more holistic understanding of maritime economic history. Through its conferences, publications, and grants, IMEHA cultivates an environment conducive to the production of high-quality research that advances our collective knowledge.

Membership and Support

IMEHA welcomes membership from individuals and organizations interested in maritime economic history. Members benefit from networking opportunities, access to resources, and a platform to engage with fellow experts in the field. Membership fees contribute to supporting IMEHA’s initiatives, including grants, publications, and conferences.

Join IMEHA today to become part of a vibrant community dedicated to advancing the study of maritime economic history.

“The International Maritime Economic History Association plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration and promoting research on the economic dimensions of maritime activities. Through its initiatives, it contributes significantly to our understanding of the historical influence of the maritime economy on societies worldwide.”


The International Maritime Economic History Association serves as a leading organization in the field of maritime economic history. Its commitment to collaboration, research facilitation, and publication has made it a vital platform for scholars and researchers globally. IMEHA’s work contributes to a deeper understanding of the economic forces that have shaped societies throughout history. By supporting the study of maritime economic history, IMEHA plays a pivotal role in advancing knowledge in this important field.

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