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Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services: Liberia completes first audit
Friday 18 February 2011
The Liberian Registry has carried out the first SRPS (Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services) audit for compliance with the ILO Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006).
The audit was performed on behalf of Anglo-Eastern Ship Management, at its offices in Mumbai, India, on 16th February.

The lead auditor was Anthony Geegbae from the US offices of the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), the managers of the Liberian Registry. Two Mumbai-based auditors, representing the Liberian Administration, were also in attendance.

The auditors recorded no deficiencies and the Liberian Administration will now issue the relevant certification accordingly.

Capt David Pascoe, senior VP, maritime operations & standards for LISCR, said, It is vital that we take the initiative on MLC which, for the most part, merely formalises many of the systems, procedures and agreements that quality shipowners already have in place relative to seafarer concerns.

MLC should bring a new level of openness and communication that will help eliminate many of the frustrations and insecurities that seafarers have with their shipowners, managers and crewing agents, particularly because everything between them will be transparent, open and, ultimately, audited, he said.

Two of Anglo-Easterns trainers have completed the MLC course at the ILO in Turin and are qualified as inspectors and auditors. In addition, Anglo-Eastern has already started conducting courses for MLC familiarisation and advanced courses for auditors.


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