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ITF backs new organisation to promote seafarer rights
Thursday 23 September 2010
London: Today sees the launch of Seafarers Rights International, described as 'a unique and groundbreaking resource dedicated to advancing the legal protection of seafarers worldwide'.
Seafarers Rights International will use high level research and analysis to raise awareness of the legal concerns of seafarers, and will work to improve the protection of seafarers in national and international laws. It has been funded by a start-up grant from the ITF Seafarers Trust charity and is an independent organisation.

David Cockroft, General Secretary of the ITF said: The success of an independent body such as Seafarers Rights International is crucial to identifying and tackling the rights of seafarers and that is of interest to all industry stakeholders including the ITF.

Main strands of the new body's activities will be research, education and training in the field of seafarers' right. International lawyer Deirdre Fitzpatrick is appointed inaugural Executive Director.


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