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5,000 cops deployed for global seafarers conference in RP
Friday 18 June 2010
Five thousand Filipino police personnel will be deployed to ensure the safety and security of local and foreign delegates during an international seafarers conference in Pasay City.
This was announced by the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Friday, three days before the 2010 international diplomatic conference on seafarers training, certification, and watchkeeping.

The Philippines, the worlds top supplier of seafarers, will host the conference that will take place on June 21 to 25 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

Some 600 foreign delegates from IMO-member countries and other foreign seafarers organizations are expected to attend the conference, the PNP said in a statement.

IMO Secretary-General Ethimios Mitropoulos will formally open the international conference on Monday, June 21 with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo delivering the keynote address.

DOTC Acting Secretary Anneli Lontoc said this year being declared as the "Year of the Seafarer" is an opportune time for IMO and the maritime community to pay tribute to seafarers from all over the world for their unique contribution to society and in recognition of the risks they confront in the execution of their daily tasks and duties."

The 5,000-strong contingent, which will provide security to the delegates and the conference venue, is divided into 11 Task Groups.

Each group is responsible for different functions such as area security, close-in VIP security, route security and traffic management, mobile escort, emergency medical service, communications, intelligence, investigation, airport security, and seaborne patrol.





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